The Spontaneous Brain | Type 12 – Brain Imaging

So I’m obsessed with any kind of quizzes and tests I can take to figure myself out more. And to this day my brain is the most enigmatic thing of my life, I wish I understood it better.

My best friend who also loves tests (an ENTJ who loves problem-solving) sent me this test to take– something about brain imaging– and I took it without hesitation.

The results I got were so spot on (she even predicted that I would get these results)!

Its crazy bc the 2 supplements it recommended me are supplements I recently started taking and love that I wish I had started taking earlier. I strongly recommend taking these exercises seriously and trying to think about your brain with a more research backed angle. Because you never know what you’re missing in your life, you never know what kind of problems you can overcome, and the inherent problems you feel that are inescapable, you may be fully capable of solving them with a little bit of help from supplements, meditation, etc.!

My Results

I’ve bolded & italicized if congruent with me



Out of the box

Must be really interested in order to pay attention

Over worry

If it doesnt go your way youre not happy

Strong willed


Difficulty relaxing


Thoughts can loop

Type 2: The spontaneous brain

This type typically has lower activity in the front part of the brain in an area called the prefrontal cortex (PFC).

Personality type: With this brain type, you love trying new things, have a wide range of interests, and would rather do things on the spur of the moment than have a set schedule. You think outside the box, don’t believe that rules apply to you, and are typically late for appointments. Organization isn’t your strong point, and you’re such a risk taker that your behavior might get you into trouble.

Career path: Having the spontaneous brain type is very common among entrepreneurs, entertainers, politicians, and real estate agents.

Learning style: This type is easily distracted and struggles with organization, so even though you may be really smart, it can be hard for you to perform up to your potential.

Relationships: Because you like excitement in your life, you may have a tendency to create drama in your relationships (Sally’s comment: I get way too much anxiety with drama to be creating it)

Potential problems: You may engage in risky behavior, such as drinking too much, taking drugs, or having extramarital affairs. This type is vulnerable to ADHD, depression, and addiction. (Sally’s comment: I don’t drink)

Engage in lifestyle strategies that boost activity in the PFC, including eating a higher-protein diet; taking supplements, such as green tearhodiola, and ginseng; and doing cardio exercise.


So from this test, I learned that:

  1. The front part of my brain is a little sleepy— which is why it is really difficult for me to focus unless I am interested.

2. Two areas that work really hard of my brain:

  • Anterior  — Hardworking ACG 
  • Basal Ganglia — Overactive & Driven / Yet over-anxious

3. Two things I should be doing daily to balance out my brain:

  • Physical exercise
  • Meditation

4. Two supplements I should take daily to optimize my brain:

  • 5HTP (Already take, great results)
  • GABA (Already take, great results)

To take the test:

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