Q: I’ve Heard Drinking Bone Broth is the Same as Drinking Collagen?

A: Pretty much.

Drinking bone broth, is the same as drinking collagen (bone broth is just collagen-dense food compounds that have been boiled down to soup).

Still, We don’t need to turn to the onerous labor of cooking bone broth to get our collagen. 

Personally, I’m not the biggest proponent of daily consumption of bone broth, anyway: there may not be enough collagen in the serving you are having, and if you are cooking the bone broth with lots of salt and seasonings, it will probably be incredibly high in sodium.

For those of us who want to avoid sodium, don’t have time to be cooking cauldrons of bone broth daily, or have zero desire to munch on 10 grams of raw fish skin or bones, no need to worry: collagen peptides are the answer. 

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