So some of my biggest problems in the past have been enlarged pores around the nose area, blackheads around the nose area, and chronically dry skin.

After years of research and practice, here are some tips I’d like to share with the world:

  1. Exfoliate at least 1x a week with glycolic acid peel. Put a dab of it around your nostrils and rub it in. Within seconds, you’ll see the top layer of your skin literally melt off. [ Note: your skin will be extra sensitive after and the following day. Make sure to use sunblock, and extra moisturizer. ]
  2. Use clarisonic brush every other day— the brushes make sure to go really deep in cleansing out the dirt in your pores. [ Note: your skin will be extra sensitive after and the following day. Make sure to use sunblock, and extra moisturizer. ]
  3. Use an oil based cleanser whenever your face feels oily, or after a day of thick makeup. Many people are under the misconception that oil cleansers will lead to pimples. This isn’t true— the oil actually attracts the oil, and pulls out the oil that’s deep seated within your pores.
  4. If your skin is dry like mine, make sure you are using a lot of moisturizer throughout the day, especially during winter seasons. Buy moisturizers with hyaluronic acid in it— hyaluron can carry water weight 1000x it’s own— and it locks in the moisture, so apply it right after shower. And as it’s something our own bodies produce (it’s in our eyeballs, and cartilages), it’s very easily absorbed by our skin!
  5. DRINK COLLAGEN! Think of collagen as gatekeepers of moisture in our cells; and without this collagen “wall” to keep our cells hydrated, our cells increasingly lose structure and moisture, leading to weaker, stretchier, drier and thinner skin. And of course, this is what causes wrinkles, enlarged pores, fine lines, cellulite, and even the loss of structure in your hair follicles (integral to holding on to your hair).
  • In my early twenties, when I got severely burned from scalding hot oil. I had to turn to silicone patches, topical creams, litres of bio oil, mederma, and prescription ointments to ensure that my skin would heal without much scarring. When almost nothing worked, I decided to take to the internet’s advice and started taking 20g of collagen daily for its regenerative and healing benefits. And despite hating the taste of it, I stuck to it daily. After about 3-4 weeks, I started noticing a dramatic change — my blister-turned scabs were starting to disappear. But the differences I noticed were not just on my arms, but in my face and hair. My eyelashes, brows and hair got so much thicker, and my skin, once chronically, painfully dry, DIDNT EVEN NEED LOTION ANYMORE!!! And my pores around my nostrils are still there, but so so so much tighter. Embarrassing, but taking a picture of what my skin looks like now, after a year of this regimen.

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